Gujarati editor for iPhone & iPad 2.0

Using the iગુજરાતી editor you can create ગુજરાતી text and share it to the world via Facebook, Twitter, Mail or application of your choice from you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. 

This is a very simple and easy to use application that transliterates the English characters you type into ગુજરાતી script 

Here is an example of what you type: 

a aa i ii u uu Ru RU e ai o O au aM aH 

ka kha ga gha qa 

ca Cha ja jha Ya 

Ta Tha Da Dha Na 

What you get: 

અ આ ઇ ઈ ઉ ઊ ઋ ૠ ઍ એ ઐ ઑ ઓ ઔ અં અઃ 

ક ખ ગ ગ્હ ઙ 

ચ છ જ ઝ ઞ 

ટ ઠ ડ ઢ ણ 

The uses guide is built into the application. This application does not use the network for transliterating from English to ગુજરાતી.

What's New in this Version

This version is a major improvement from the first release and it lets users express themselves on social networking sites or send emails directly from Gujarati for iPhone. 

1. Facebook integration - directly post Gujarati text on to you wall on Facebook with the touch of a button 

2. Twitter integration - tweet the Gujarati text you wrote to Twitter 

3. Mail integration - send the Gujarati text you wrote as an email to anybody 

4. Capability to navigate to specific word in the middle and make a correction or add words in the middle.