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How can I copy my text from the editor?

This is a 2 step process. 

Step 1: Once you have the text in your language, click on the share icon as shown in the first picture below.
Step 2: Click on copy icon to copy text to clipboard. Now you can paste this to any application of your choice. You can also send directly to social media apps in this scree

How can I remove the App Link from the text?

You can disable the application link along with message in the application. Please click on the Settings option (the gear wheel on top left) and disable the app link by switching off "Include App Link in text". There are no charges for this.  Please follow 2 steps below:

How can I make changes to the text?

Just delete the text in the native language using backspace or delete key and start over. The application is designed to give you the option to choose the correct word first time every time. The auto select feature chooses the first closest word. You can turn off the auto select feature in settings to choose your own. 

Does the latest version work with my phone?

The latest versions need iOS 13 or later. Please upgrade your phone operating system. 

How do I report issues?

Please click on this link to report issues with and a friendly member of our support team will contact you.